Mission & Vision

At QPS, we understand how much a company's culture impacts its people and ultimately its performance. That's why, soon after our inuction in 2007, we quickly established a unifying Vision, Mission and set of Values that defines our company and serves as a guiding beacon for how we conduct our business every day. In our stores and mail service pharmacies and corporate facilities, and in communities we serve, these principles inspire us to go above and beyond for our customers, our clients and our colleagues.

Our Vision

To develop a community of care and concern that caters to our customers with the most innovative retail management programs, services and technology.

Serving our customers with a better experience in the world of pharmacy, defined by quality, service, value and commitment.

Providing a suitable ambience to our associates (in the medical fraternity, pharmacy business and  those looking out for good health) where they can exhibit their potential and grow favorably.

            Becoming a leading corporate citizen by keeping all the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)  in mind and in turn serving the community better.

            Conducting our relationship management programs with complete integrity and openness.

We strive to improve the quality of human life. In a world where complexity increasingly touches every aspect of our daily lives, we will lead in bringing sense and simplicity to people.

Our Mission

We provide expert care and innovative solutions in pharmacy and health care that are effective and easy for our customers. Our mission also includes offering the easiest, fastest and the most reliable drug store service to our customers in Bangladesh. We constantly strive hard to facilitate good relationships between the patient, doctor and pharmacist. While meeting the healthcare needs of our customers, we are always in a look out to provide outstanding services and add value by making their purchases as convenient as possible. Our success story will help us to reinvest in future and build long-term financial security for our employees and shareholders.

Our Values

Accountability: we take ownership for our actions and the results.

Respect: we treat customers and colleagues in a way that makes them feel valued and appreciated

Integrity: we do what we say and what is right.

Openness: we try new things that will lead to innovation.

Teamwork: we share information and resources as we work together to deliver results.

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